How Notion enabled our business to make $400k/yr in 24 months.

Using the best advantages Notion can offer to validate businesses.

I think, it's safe to say that over the period of last 2 years, almost every MVP of ours at Xperian has started off as a Notion MVP.

Just take a look at the timeline of MVPs we ran ↓

Here's a brief list of projects we validated, executed and some still running very well on Notion.

Running a design school?
We've used Notion as an efficient LMS and an interface for students to submit their work.

Lead Generation Platform?
We've used it as a dashboard for designers and clients.

Hiring Designers? & Running a Recruitment business?
We've used it as a Recruitment CRM. We've used Notion as a place to inform our customers and help with decision making.

Running a Podcast?
We've used it for backend processes which include scheduling, brainstorming and sharing information seamlessly with speakers.

Educating people in No-Code?
All tutorials, curated information & a question database for all No-Code students.

Making an information product?
Full database stored in one place and shared quickly.

Advisory for Startups and Clients ?
All logs and questions in one place.

Running Sprints?
Daily Documentation, Invoices, Miro Boards, Calendars all on Notion.

Personal websites?
Our first versions were on Notion and some still stay there Check out Karthi's Personal Website

*Internal team handbooks, documents, financial data and more...

No-Code Learning Stream?
Our first @teamnocoloco learning stream was on Notion.

Building/Making a Course?
First launch to beta users on Notion then to Podia for scale.

Making productivity tools digitally accessible for our Maker's GuildCommunity?

It's hosted on Notion.

I think it's safe to say that my co-founder, Karthi even coined the term and made it an official stage of our launches in Xperian calling it, "The Notion Launch" 🚀

With API coming, it'll make these opportunities so much more easier for anyone to launch their own businesses. In my Jumpstart course, I include a chapter on how to use notion for MVPs so you can do the same. You can learn this too ↓

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